Bad Girls Boot Camp 2 is the second season of the spin-off of the oxygen TV reality series, Bad Girls Club. This marks the return of former bad girls from past seasons (seasons 2 through 10) and one bad girl wins and recieves $100,000 as a grand prize, the runner-up also recieves half of the amount. But the cause is for the bad girls to change and if the person does not change throughout, the bad girl will be kicked out.

HOST: Tanisha Thomas

CO-HOST: Judi Jai

Real Name Eliminated Season
Amber Meade Winner Bad Girls Club 3
Mehgan James Episode 11 (2nd) Bad Girls Club: Mexico
Ashley King Episode 10 (3rd) Bad Girls Club 6
Hanna Thompson Episode 10 (4th) Bad Girls Club 2
Nastasia Townsend Episode 9 Bad Girls Club: New Orleans
Gabi Victor Episode 8 Bad Girls Club: Las Vegas
Christina Salgado Episode 8 (disqualified) Bad Girls Club: Mexico
Amber Buell Episode 7 Bad Girls Club 3
Kristen Kelly Episode 7 Bad Girls Club: Miami
Demitra Roche Episode 6 Bad Girls Club: Las Vegas
Falen Ghirmai Episode 5 Bad Girls Club: Mexico
Lexie Woltz Episode 4 Bad Girls Club 4
Cheyenne Evans Episode 3 Bad Girls Club: New Orleans
Kori Koether Episode 2 Bad Girls Club 6
Morgan Osman Episode 1 (QUIT) Bad Girls Club: Miami

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