BGC heads back to L.A.!


Name Location "Bad Girl" nickname Age
Alaina Grant Manhattan, New York "Female Hustler" 22
Christine Longthorn Cleveland, Ohio "The Grouch" 25

Katherine "Katt" Laureano

Bronx, New York "The Untouchable" 21
Lynese Windsor Staten Island, New York "The Time Bomb" 23
Paige Crawford Kansas City, Missouri "The Anti-H8er President" 21
Samantha "Samm" Reed Glendale, New Jersey "The Jersey Diva" 21
Sidra Wui Miami, Florida "The Asian Barbie Doll" 23

Replacement Bad Girls:Edit

Name Location "Bad Girl" nickname Replaced Age
Katrina Jackson New York, New York "Empire State Of Crazy" Katy 24
Catera Rivers Philadelphia, Pennsylvania "College Vixen" Paige 21
Ashley Durham Phoenix, Arizon "Code Red" Sidra 23

Duration Of CastEdit

Bad Girls Duration of Bad Girls
 E1 E2 E3 E4 E5 E6 E7 E8 E9 10 11 12 13
  1. Samm voluntarily left in episode 2 when everyone agrees on not trusting her.
  2. Katrina replaced Katy in episode 3.
  3. Paige voluntarily left herself in episode 4 when her son was ill at home.
  4. Catera replaced Piage in episode 5.
  5. Sidra was removed from the house in epsiode 6 after a physical altercation with Christine, Lynese and Katrina.
  6. Ashley replaced Sidra in episode 6.
  7. Ashley voluntarily left the house in episode 7 after she felt as if she was treated wrong in the house.
  8. Katrina was removed from the house in episode 8 after a physical altercation with Catera.
  9. Ashley returned to the house in episode 10.
  10. Christine voluntarily left the house in episode 12 when she was jumped by all of the girls.


  • The House vs. Alaina - episode 2.
  • Angie vs. Lynese - episode 4.
  • Christine vs. Lynese - episode 4.
  • Christine vs. Catera - episode 5.
  • Lynese and Katrina vs. Sidra - episode 6.
  • The House vs. Ashley - episode 6.
  • Katrina vs. Catera - episode 8.
  • Alaina, Katt and Catera vs. Christine - episode 10.
  • Christine vs. Lynese - episode 11.
  • Alaina vs. Christine - episode 12.
  • The House vs. Christine - episode 12.
  • Lynese vs. Christine - episode 13
  • Katrina vs. Catera - Reunion, Part 1
  • Sidra vs. Christine - Reunion, Part 1
  • Catera vs. Katrina (round 2) - Reunion, Part 2
  • Samantha, Alaina, Lynese and Sidra vs. Christine - Reunion, Part 2


Episode 1: Back To The L.A. RootsEdit

1:45 am, Los Angeles, California.

Ambulance sirens make sound waves through the Bad Girl house and it begins with Alaina laying on a gurney inside of the vehicle. The police stood outside, as all of the girls were outside, and the police began to ask questions. The moment rewinds back with Aliana pouring ranch on each of the girls' beds.

"When the six of us came back home," Lynese said. "We were getting ready to go to bed, and suddenly there was ranch dressing poured on each of our beds, we all came to her, and suddenly a girl pushed her,"

"She pushed her back," Sidra said.

"And then what happened?" The officer asked.

"Well.." Lynese said.

Alaina tried to go downstairs to clear her reason, but as that happened Christine quickly ran to Aliana and grabbed her aggressively by the hair and she and Christine began to fight down the stairs, as that happened, Lynese and Katt began to jump in.

Suddenly, the moment revisited as Christine suddenly attacked Aliana heavily on the ground, along with Lynese and Katt, as they all dragged her to the living room floor and began to attack her more, and the rest of the girls tried to break up the fight, the producers and security all came out and tried to take away Christine, Lynese and Katt from Alaina, who had sudden blood marks from her mouth and everything was bruised.

"Yeah, bitch, call that a fucking blood salad, you fucking slut, you're gone, bitch!" Christine yelled out.

Seven brand new bad girls head back to L.A. where friendships are rapidly made.

The first bad girls to head to the house are Lynese and Sidra, they become roommates. Then Christine arrives earler. Later on, Samm, Katt and Paige arrive. The last girl arrive is Alaina. After all of the girls get to know each other, a particular girl, Samm, goes overboard as the girls arrive to the nightclub, which embarrasses all of the girls. Christine later on confronts Samm about her ways, as they start a rivalry against each other.

Episode 2: I Made You A Salad Edit

Because of Samm's antics the night before, everyone decides to put her out f their plans and outings, seeing as how they can't trust her. This makes Samm want to leave, so she does. Alaina begs for her to stay but Samm rejects, because she doesn't want to be in a house where people won't like her. Meanwhile, Katt and Lynese plan for all the girls to go on a Safari adventure, where they will get up close and personal with wild life animals. Alania decides not to go and the other girls feel that it's because Samm left and the kick her out if their outings too. When the girls get back, they decide they should all go out to the club and everyone should find a hook up to bring back to the house. As the girls do so, Aliana back at the house pours ranch on all the girls beds for being so childish. When the girls get back to see what she did, they all attack her, sending her to emergency.

Episode 3: Bring On the New B*tchEdit

The producers tell the girls that Aliana will leave the hospital with a broken arm. The girls all feel bad for their antics, with the exception of Christine who feel that Aliana was the one who was being "stupid" in the first place. This makes Paige look at Christine twice, trusting her friendship. Meanwhile the new girl, Katrina arrives in the house. The girls welcome her by making her take shots of Henessey. Then Aliana comes home with a cast on her arm, not talking to anybody and just going up to her room and crying. Paige and Katrina go and comfort her, telling her that they will be her friends and that she shouldn't trust no one. Meanwhile, Christine calls her mother back home telling her about her first couple of days in the house, her mother being shocked at how they treated Alaina. Then, Katriana and Alaina take the jeeps to go out for a day, going to the mall, the spa, and out to eat. Back at teh house, Christine puts a dead rat in Paiges suitcase for befriending Alaina and blames it on her. Paige then decided to to be friends with Alania no more. She gets a call from her boyfriend finding out that one of her sons had an allergic reaction and is in the hospital.

Episode 4: Return of the Bad GirlsEdit

In this episode, former bad girls Tanisha, Erica, Angie and Flo come to tell the girls that there will be a bad girls get together in Atlanta and to pacl their things. The girls get excited and pack, except for Paige who is going home to aid her sick son but no before confront Aliana about the suitcase. Then the remaining girls head on a plane to Atlanta, where they are invited to a big dinner with former bad girls to talk about growing up and maturing, however, tension rises between one member and one former bad girl and it gets out of hand when Christine gets in a fight with Lynese as they all head to a club, Angie suddenly talks dirt about Lynese and as she overhears, they get into a major argument, Angie pushes Lynese and then she pushes back and it ends up in a fight. Tanisha breaks it up and she confronts both of them for the problem. The girls head back home and Lynese is completely pumped up at the point. Lynese and the girls go back home and Lynese begins to throw things and break things and then after that, Christine tells her to "knock it off" and then Lynese gets closer to Christine and they began to confront each other, Christine pushed Lynese on the ground and she got up and they physically began fighting, the security broke it all up and they sent Lynese to a hotel.

The next morning, Alaina was on the phone talking and she was telling her mother about what happened the other night and how annoyed she is with the house. Later on, Lynese came back in the house, and tension heated up, it was full of silence and Lynese went into her room with Paige and Katrina. In the confession booth, Lynese warns Christine not to push her buttons or else things will go awry.

Later on, Paige and the rest of the girls, as in Alaina, Sidra and Katrina go out to a club and hang out, Paige tries to stay away from Alaina, but as they get into the car, Alaina and Paige get into an argument when Alaina is drunk and not sober, and she annoys Paige so much, that they end up yelling at each other, Paige goes back to the house and starts crying, and she decides to leave due to her issues at home.

Episode 5: Who Let These Girls OutEdit

This episode starts of with a twist. The girls are awaken by the new chick, Catera, who comes in the house yelling "wake up bitches, I'm the new bitch in town!" Alaina is the only girl up, therefore she mets the chick first. Before she even ask her, she tells Catera to never trust nobody in the filthy house. Later the girls wake up and met Catera, all acceptive of her arrival except Christine. Catera ask her why she doesn't like her altho she could care less and Christine responds by saying she does like her but doesn't feel like talking. Catera goes to the confessional to say that all the girls are nice except Christine who looks like a real version of Fiona from Shrek. Christine overhears Catera in the confessional and goes to tell Sidra that Catera is dead to her.

Later in the day, the girls decide to go out and eat. They all hop in the Jeeps with Christine, Sidra, Alaina and Catera in one and Paige, Lynese and Katrina in another. In Christine's van, Sidra talks to Catera, which upsets Christine for her being so fake. At the resturant, Christine takes Sidra to the side and says she thinks she fake and can't trust her. Sidra says number rule in the house is never trust nobody and Catera is her beef not hers. She is grown and will talk to whoever.

Back at the house, the girls all get dressed and get in the limo to go to the club. Christine starts to realize that she has many rivals, with Lynese, Catera and now Sidra. Once she's in the club, she keeps and does to herself, which makes the other girls wonder but they part anyways. One the way home, a drunk Catera rants about "bitches not like her could suck a dick". Sidra blurts out that Christine said she was dead to her and Catera responds by throwing a glass of liquor in Christines face, which leads to a big fight inside the limo.

Episode 6: Checks You Can't CashEdit

This episode continues from the fight in the Limo between Catera and Christine. Once in the house, Christine get's into comfortable clothes to continue fighting and old rival Lynese and Katrina come to her aid, saying it was wrong for Sidra to rat her out like that. The all decide to go after Sidra since she was the one who started the whole mess. While Sidra and Catera are in the kitchen talking, the girls come down to confront her about her fakeness. Sidra hits Katrina, the one in the lead, in the head with a juice jug and all three girls jump her. Sidra is removed from the house that night, saying farewell to Catera, Alaina and Katt.

The next morning,Samm ask Katrina why they jumped Sidra and Katrina says because one of the nights Sidra had called her out of her name and she had said she would get even with her but she never planned on jumping her. Katt tells her she should grow up and that escalates to an argument. katt and Aliana then go out to a duck pond to feed the ducks.

Later the new girl Ashley arrives and she announces that she's a lesbian and all girls beware. This puts all the girls on edge and they decide to get rid of this chick. They all start telling Ashley to go home and never come back but she refuses and goes outside to smoke a cigarette. She then goes to the confessional and says that the girls are homphobic and she doesn't want they floppy pu**ies anyways. When she is walking downstairs, they girls attack her, knocking her all the way down the stairs and continue beating her up. Security and camrea crew break up the altercation and Ashley yells that they will all be reconized to the world as homophobic bitches. This makes Samm think twice and she knows that she's not homophobic and doesn't want to be know as one.

Episode 7: I Lived, I Loved, I Learned That Bitches Is FakeEdit

Ashley packs her thing and leaves the house not wanting to be around girls that won't accept her. This puts Katt on the edge and before she can truly apologize, Ashley leaves in the van. Katt then goes to the confessional and apoligizes to Ashley for treating her that way and she says that she's not homophobic, she was just uncomfortable. Katt tell the girls about Ashley's reasoing and they all agree that they were wrong and wish they could apologize.

Later the girls head out to the club and Christine meets a new boy and invite him home. While she and he are "taking care of buisness", Catera blows tapes an air horn closed and throws it in the room. The really upset Christine and she said the dude home before going to EVERY girl and asking "who need an ass whooping since they wanna be kids". No one answers. She swears up and down that when she finds out at the reunion, their ass is grass. Catera go to the confessional to say that Christine was a noisy fucker anways and the air horn added onto the noise. She then says "if people thought I whooped her drunk, best beilieve that HER ASS IS GRASS at the reunion cause I'm gonna be sober".

Episode 8: The Wrath Of Hurricane KatrinaEdit

This episode starts off with Katrina doing laundry. As she goes to put her clothes in the washing machine, she notices that Catera's clothes are still in the washing machine so she takes them out and set them on top of the dryer, saying "ain't my clothes, ain't my problem". We then switch to Lynese downstairs making her and Christine breakfast. They are talking about who could've did the "blow horn mystery" and Christine suspects Catera or Alaina, swearing upon revenge. Catera walks in to go into the fridge and Christine and Lynese both get quiet. When she leaves, they decide to throw the food she bought away because she disgust them. They do so, eat, and go back upstairs.

Later in the day, Alaina is at the hospital to get her cast removed. The doctor ask her how she broke it and she responds that she was attacked by several ridiculous girls. The docotor tells her that she must try not to do anything with it for 24 hours and she replys "no promises".

Back at the house,Katt is on the telephone talking to her brother about the house, girls and drama. While she is talking, she can hear arguing and tells her brother she will call him back. When she goes upstairs, she sees that Christine and Catera are arguing once again. She goes to the confesional and says "those two bitches are stupid and need to just fuck and get over their problems because everybody else in the house is tired of their shit and really don't give a shit about their issues." We then switch back to Christine and Catera arguing about confessing. Catera tells Chrisitne that she threw the blow horn and Christine says she will get payback. Lynese and Christine decide to go to a hotel because they'd rather no be in the house with the girls at this point.

That night, Katrina is in the kitchen looking for her food and can't seem to find anything. She goes round the house yelling and hollering and when she enters the laundry room she yells "BITCHES STILL AIN'T PICKED UP THEY FUCKING CLOTHES, WHAT THE FUCK IS THE ISSUE." She goes downstairs where the other girls are and rants on about the clothes. Catera ask who her clothes they are and Katrina describes to her a few pieces and then Catera realises they were hers. She get's upset and SHE starts yelling about the clothes. She asks who did it and Katrina say's "I did. Learn how to take yo shit out the washer so other people can use it. It's the second time you did that shit!" Catera says she gonna start "knocking bitches" and Katrina tells her to do it, comes up and hits her and they stat fighting. After it is broken up, Kartina is sent home and leaves that night, stating the reunion will be crackin' like a mutha fucka.

Episode 9: Hocus PocusEdit

With only five girls in the house, they house is really quiet. Catera,Katt, and Alaina are in the pool discusing problems. Alaina suggest they she all be a trio since they are the realest and know how to keep it real.Katt and Catera agree and they all make a pact to stick together no matter what until the new girls arrive. Meanwhile Christine and Lynese return home. They notice that Katrina is gone but really don't give to much thought into it. They get dressed and head right back out again to have and outing for the day.

While out, Christine and Lynese are wondering what the new girls will be like. Lynese says she hopes they are girls that don't start drama and are two-faced because they have and had enough of those. They arrive at a spa and get massages to "relieve them of their problems". They then go out to eat and to go take pictures.

Back at the house, Alania is the first to notice the return of Christine and Lynese. She suggest the mess with their clothes so they decide to thrown both of their suitcases in the pool.

Episode 10: A House Divided Edit

More tension has erupted after Alaina throws Christine and Lynese's suitcases in the pool, which causes Lynese to get infuriated with Alaina and they have a major argument. Meanwhile, Ashley decides to return to L.A and some of the girls seem to dislike the fact that she returned, however, Katt decides to get along with her since they have the same interests.

Catera and the rest of her alliance all go out to a night club and they all dance and have fun, until Catera ruins it as she starts drinking and creates problems for the girls. Alaina confronts her about it, and it turns into a trainwreck when Catera passes out in public. The girls send her back in the house to put her in the bedroom to sleep.

The next morning, Catera didn't remember what happened the night she was intoxicated, and Lynese begins to realize a real side of her and agrees with Christine on getting her out of the house. Lynese tries to seek revenge on the girls who agreed on throwing her suitcases by ruining their things as the girls head out.

Later on, as the girls came back, the girls begin to yell out, "WHO DID THIS TO MY SHIT?!"

Alaina began to question who ruined her things and neither Christine or Lynese could fess up about it, Christine realized that Lynese was acting strange for trying to put her in the predicament that she caused and tried to question if she's really her friend.

The girls all went out and there was sudden tension in the limo as they all went to a nightclub, as they went in, they had a good time, but the girls were all divided trying to ignore each other, and Ashley began to befriend some of the girls in the house.

However, things once again changed when they all entered the limo and Christine started trouble as she tried to confront all of the girls in the car, Alaina crashed in and started an argument, which Christine throws a drink on Alaina and she retaliates and they begin to fight, then suddenly, Katt and Catera began to jump in, and then Lynese sat in the limo doing nothing, while Ashley was completely confused with what was going on. The fight ends with a bang.

Episode 11: Flipping AlliancesEdit

After the fight, the car stopped and they all arrive at the house, Alaina's ready for round 2, but then she's then sent to a hotel to relax and cool down, while Christine questions Lynese over not helping her when she was jumped. Lynese says, "You can stand on your own,"

Christine ends her friendship with Lynese. Lynese then goes and confesses that she messed with the girls stuff and apologizes to the girls and she becomes a part of another team. Christine tries to convince Ashley on turning away from the girls and join forces with her, however, Ashley feels stuck in between the tension in the house, not knowing what was going on after leaving before.

Meanwhile, Lynese and her new clan heads out together, and Lynese seems to get along with them all, seeing a different side of them she's never saw before, however, Katt considers Lynese as fake because she thinks that she's sucking up to the girls now that she's done with Christine.

Ashley says that she's not planning on choosing sides because she's only in LA to have fun before it's all over for her in her last days in the house with the girls. She feels as if it's too late for the drama. After realizing that Christine is lonely, they plan to remove her from the house because they think that she's irrelevant.

Later on, Christine decides to go out by herself and while that happens, everyone, including Lynese, decides to pack up all of her things and throw them downstairs from upstairs. As soon as that happens, everyone gets prepared for what's to come.

Christine returns back to the house to see her clothes on the ground, and then after that, she goes upstairs and yells around the house and starts more drama, then goes into the room and everyone is in there, and she asks who messed with her things, everyone is suddenly silent and acts innocent, while Christine begins to argue with Lynese, assuming that she is part of the problem, Christine spits on Lynese and walks away, while Lynese quickly walks up and runs to Christine in the hallway and then attacks her. This ends with a bang.

Episode 12: The Main Target: Christine Edit

After the physical altercation with Christine, things get more tense for the other girls, while, Lynese and Christine both head to a hotel, and the other girls still plan to remove Christine out of the house. Meanwhile, Lynese returns back to the house the next morning, not knowing that Christine also was going in the house too.

Lynese and Christine give each other the silent treatment and the girls are still prepared to remove Christine from the house, and they go for plan B.

Later on, Katt and Catera both head out along with Lynese to a lunch bar, and they both talk about trying to get Christine out of the house. Alaina then is alone in the house with Christine, she's on the computer, and Christine suddenly goes to her and asks who touched her stuff and threw it on the downstairs floor. Alaina then backs out of the conversation and this infuriates her and they get into an argument, which causes Alaina to get up and they begin to fight in the house, while the security guards pull them apart and they remove them away from each other.

As Katt, Catera and Lynese return to the house, Alaina tells the girls that she got into a fight with Christine because she assumed that she threw the suitcases, and the girls are fed up and decide to prepare for Plan B.

Later on, all of the girls decide to go out to a nightclub and much tension happens in the limo, as they enter, they have a good time, while Christine sits alone. As they return back in the limo, Christine decides to spark a conversation that refers to Lynese, and then after that, it turns into an argument, and then Alaina decides to back up, as the car stops when they go back to the house, the girls are arguing all over and then Lynese decides to throw a drink at Christine, and then she retaliates and it gets bad when she and Lynese fights, then all of the girls decide to jump in. This ends with a bang.

Episode 13: Last Days In L.A.Edit

The fight in the limo continues as they all get out of the limo and back into the house, and then Lynese wants round 2, and decides to throw Christine's things outside of the house, and Christine decides to retaliate once again and they get into another physical altercation, in which the guards stop, and Christine decides to call her mother and tell her that she's leaving.

Christine packs up all of her things and then after that, everyone yells out "bye" sarcastically, and then she puts her middle finger up at Lynese and then she runs back downstairs and moves herself away from the guards and then after gets into a brief altercation with Christine again, the guards back her away and put her back in the house and Christine puts her things in the limo and goes into the limo and the driver drives away.

2 days later, it's finally everyone's time to say goodbye. Catera leaves first, then after, Ashley leaves, Lynese leaves, then Katt and Alaina are the last two in the house, Katt leaves and Alaina is the last bad girl in the house and she celebrates and walks out and kisses the house goodbye.

Episode 14: Reunion, Part 1Edit

At the reunion, Tanisha Thomas hosts the reunion, and the last bad girls in the house: Catera, Ashley, Lynese, Katt, and Alaina are first called out to the reunion. They are all asked what it was like to be in the house. Catera said that she had a good experience, while Ashley explains her departure and her return back to the house, and Lynese feels as if it was hell and she made it through, while the others agreed. All of the girls believed that they made a change when they left the house.

Meanwhile, Tanisha recalls the shocking fight between Christine and Lynese, and they bring Christine out, and Lynese felt the tension. Tanisha compliments Christine and talks about her personality in the house. The fights between Christine and Lynese were recalled, and Christine tries to explain the fight, while Lynese is trying to prove another point during the situation. Christine calls Lynese "fake" for turning away from her and turning to the rest of the girls. Lynese disagrees with being fake and says that she stays true to herself, and if she gets tired of someone, she'll let them go. A heated argument occurs between the two, and then the rest of the girls try to jump in to defend Lynese, and why Christine was kicked out of the house.

Later on, Katrina makes her way down to the reunion, more tension comes in between Katrina and Catera as their rivalry has not ended yet. The fight between Catera and Katrina is shown and more details come in as Katrina explained what really happened, when Catera tried to disagree, Katrina tells her to shut up because she's talking, Catera gets heated and they both get into an argument, one point where Catera gets up, and Katrina gets up, and then they both run to each other, Catera slamming Katrina down, attacking her, while the security hold her back, Catera goes into the back to take a break.