Angela, Kristina, Amber vs Susu & Hanan is a physical altercation originally with the Babicz Sisters (Kristina & Angela) & The Ibrahim Sisters (Susu & Hanan), with Amber later jumping in. Season 15 episode 7, Birthday Blowout (Season 15).


After announcing they were the new replacements, the scavenger hunt continues. When Susu looks at the list and says she wanted to look at the list, Angela tells her what she was gonna do. Kristina told the new girls that it was Angela's birthday. Angela continues to be rude to the new girls and lets the new girls know that she an OG. Angela continues to argue with Hanan until Angela attacks her leading to Angela and Hanan began to brawl. Kristina, Susu, and Amber joins in the fight. After the fight is broken up, one side of Hanan's face was cut due to Angela throwing a glass at her.

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