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You're about loyalty right!
Amy Cieslowski
The Hot Mess
Amy Cieslowski
Season(s) 8, 4, & 2
First seen Throw-Up, Throw Down
Last seen What a Tangled Web
Appeared in 24 episodes
Biographical Information
Title(s) The Hot Mess
Physical Information
Status Alive
Age 25
Gender Female
Hair Color Naturally blonde (season 8)
Purple (Bad Girls All-Star Battle: Season 2)
Eye Color Green
Familial Information
Lover Joey (Love Games 4)

Jake (ex-boyfriend)

Friends Gia Sapp-Hernandez
Jenna Russo
Elease Donovan
Erica Figueroa
Demitra Roche
Dani Victor
Gabi Victor
Camilla Poindexter
Rocky Santiago
Sarah Oliver
Dalila Ortiz
Kristen Guinane
Tanisha Thomas
Enemies Alicia Saaman
Nancy Denise
Char Warren
Media Information
Twitter @Amy_Cieslowski
 Amy Cieslowski (also known as The Hot Mess) is a bad girl on season 8 of the Bad Girls Club. Amy also appeared on season 4 of Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too and won with Joey Paggi. Also, Amy is appearing on season 2 of All-Star Battle. Amy is from Chicago and was 23 during BGC8 filiming.


Season 8Edit

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 1-12 Episode 13
Amy Amy Amy
  • Amy made it to the end of the show.

Love Games (season 4)

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 1-8 Episode 9
Amy Amy Amy
  • Amy won Love Games (season 4) with Joey!

Bad Girls All-Star Battle (season 2)Edit

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3
Amy Amy Amy Amy


Opponents Episode


Throw-Up, Throw Down
Amyvsmimigia Demitra & Gia Throw-Up, Throw Down
Amyvsmimi Demitra Weaving Las Vegas
Eleasevshouse Elease Sink or Swim
Amyvscamilla Camilla Breakup Breakdown
Camillavsamymimi Camilla Go Big Go Home
Camillavsamy Camilla Go Big Go Home


  • Her favorite bad girl from a past season is Lea from season 5.
  • A bad girl that Amy would love to hate is Char from season 6.
  • Would like if Tanisha from season 2 would back her up in a throwdown.
  • Favorite Band is Rascal Flatts.
  • Her favortie TV show is Full House.
  • Her biggest pet peeve is someone who thinks they're better than someone.
  • Her favorite holiday tradition is Christmas.


  • "I'm very very nice to everybody, I can be polite, I can be sweet, but if you're gonna go a little bit at me, I'm gonna go ten times as harder at you."



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